Blazing fast Focus Stacking on CUDA now in CUVI

Focus stacking comes to CUVI stable release v1.7.0 after months of development and testing. We proudly offer the fastest Focus Stacking pipeline in the market as of today capable of stacking fifteen 8k images into a single high depth of field image in under one second on a decent desktop card.

The function requires all input images to be aligned and of same size. CUVI provides the necessary primitives to achieve that. Focus Stacking is of crucial important in macro as well as astronomy photography.  CUVI provides a denoiser parameter based on Gaussian that you can tweak to get the desired results for your stack. To learn more about usage and example code, visit our wiki page.

CUVIlib – CUDA Vision & Imaging Library – is a simple to use, GPU accelerated computer vision SDK. The library is available for download for free for personal unlimited use. For more information, visit our website at