Testing Underwater Video Enhancer on Real Videos

Earlier we demonstrated CUVI’s new underwater filter that works like a magic in clarifying and restoring the colors of underwater imagery. Today, I’m going to reveal what it does to underwater videos – most of which are shot using GoPro. You’ll find link to each of the original video to better compare the effectiveness of the filter:

GoPro on Hammerhead Fin

Original Video Link
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CUVI’s Underwater Filter in Action

This page is a showcase of our new underwater filter that removes haze and brings out the real colors to your underwater photography. All the results are generated from ‘Auto’ setting of the filter. Although Auto mode works on most of the images like magic, the filter is heavily parameter-ized to fine tune the results.


Apart from removing haze, it also enhances the colors of haze-less images and is so addicve that you start using it on every underwater photo by default. Feel free to comment your thoughts below and contact us if you’re interested in purchasing this feature.

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Enhance Undersea Images and Videos with CUVI

Undersea imagery is awesome. It shows us the parallel world of creatures, coral reefs and whatnot which covers about 75% of our planet Earth. There are a plethora of cameras which record and stream underwater videos and images, ranging from analog cameras which are still widely used in commercial diving to HD and even 2K cameras streaming digital undersea video. However, water is different in the way it scatters light and visibility as a diver or an ROV goes further down. The visibility and the colors we see in undersea imagery are very sensitive to the depth as well as the equipment used. Most cameras do not have any “undersea filter” which can clean up your awesome scuba dive or in the case of commercial diving, you may miss visual details of important underwater infrastructure you were trying to inspect.

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