NVIDIA CUDA 4.0 Tips and Issues

This blog will keep on adding tips and issues as we discover and fix them. The purpose is to maintain a wiki that’s easy to read and use.

9th March 2011
Issue: CUDA SDK 4.0 RC distribution does not contain cutil 64 and 32bit lib files. Moreover, NVIDIA has clearly mentioned that CUTIL is no more part of CUDA. You will not find the cutil libraries in the distribution and the reason is that libraries compiled with VC80 compiler are not compatible with VC90 compilers and vice versa.

You will have to generate cutil32.lib/cutil32D.lib and cutil64.lib/cutil64D.lib yourself. Here’s how:

Navigate to <NVIDIA_SDK_4.0_DIRECTORY>/C/Common. Open cutil_vs2008.sln file and Build it for Debug and Release and do the same with cutil_vs2005.sln

The cutil libraries will be generated and located in the <NVIDIA_SDK_4.0_DIRECTORY>/C/Common/lib directory. Add this path to your Visual Studio VC++ Library directories (Tool –> Options –> Projects and Solutions –> VC++ Directories)

Tip: You don’t need to generate cutil libraries for Visual Studio 2010 (VC100 compiler) since CUDA Toolkit still does not support VC100 compiler and you have to manually specify VC90 as the platform in your VS2010 CUDA projects. Click here to read more about how to setup a CUDA project in Visual Studio 2010.