CUVI becomes NVIDIA Partner Library

CUVIlib is now officially part of NVIDIA CUDA-X and is listed under partner libraries on NVIDIA’s website. Our journey began in early 2010 when we envisioned a library built on top of CUDA to provide accelerated primitives for vision applications. Since then we have helped dozens of companies and thousands of users with their performance needs. Today, we are better, faster and more robust than ever. We thank NVIDIA to recognize our efforts by giving us the appreciation that our developers deserve.


What this means?

Being part of CUDA-X ecosystem recognizes our continuous effort to develop primitives for vision applications. Happy customers are our biggest advocates and being part of CUDA-X adds more credibility to our library. CUVI has been evolving along with CUDA architecture and the latest cuvi release supports all newer CUDA capable GPUs.

What’s the future for CUVI?

CUVI is a client driven library; we prioritize our development roadmap based on client-feedback and we tend to keep it that way. We have a feature rich roadmap ahead of us and there will be exciting releases in the coming months. We have thousands of individual CUVI users and we plan to increase the adaption by further reducing the learning curve.

CUVIlib - CUDA Vision & Imaging Library - is a simple to use, GPU accelerated computer vision SDK. The library is available for download for free for personal unlimited use. For more information, visit our website at