CUVI brings Image Enhancement on GPUs

The next release of CUVI library is due within next 30 days and we are pleased to announce that it’ll be having lots of functions from Image Enchantments domain. Our filter module just got better and now support dozens of predefined filters as well as the option to add your own custom taps and anchor position. One particular function that I’m excited about in the new release is adjust which is equivalent to MATLAB’s imadjust function.

CUVI makes image enhancement ridiculously easy by following syntax cuvi::adjust(image); for your basic needs. However the function contains many predefined arguments for developers giving the freedom to tweak the output according to the need. Here is a sample of CUVI adjust function:

And how can we miss the benchmark part! Speed has always been the number one preference besides functionality, robustness and reliability in CUVI. Detailed and finalized benches will be available with the release, but here’s a quick sneak-peek of the speed on my system that has first generation PCI express card and only 96 CUDA cores.