CUVI Version 0.8 Released

We are pleased to announce the new version of CUVI lib. Our team has been working hard on this release to bring significant improvements over the previous version. You can download the latest release from this link.

Changes from version 0.5:

New modules:

  • Pyramidal Optical Flow (Lucas-Kanade)
  • Feature selection (KLT | Harris | Peter)
  • Feature tracking (KLT)
  • Lightning Adjustment
  • Bayer to RGB conversion
  • Bit Conversion
  • Histogram Equalization
  • Border Masking
  • Cropping
  • Resizing
  • RGB Channel Mixing
  • Image to binary image conversion
  • Point scalar operations

Improved Modules:

  • Color Conversion
  • Image Filtering

Other changes:

  • CUVI Image now handles WidthStep of the image.
  • A lot of predefined standard filters have been added in the Cuvi_Builtin_Filters class.
  • Image filtering and Feature Selection modules have support for region of interest processing.
  • KLT and Harris feature selection have been merged into a single module.
  • More descriptive error checking.