CUVI adds Accelerated Film Restoration & Recoloring

CUVILib provides out-of-the-box hyper-accelerated Imaging functionality, ready for use in your film scanning, restoration & recoloring applications. With CUVI, you can deliver supercomputing like performance to your users without the need to set up expensive high-end CPUs.


A real life use-case resulted in 400% Performance Boost with 1/3rd cost cut, see case study.

Thanks to the CUVI GPU acceleration library we could add real time 2k and 4k image processing to our film scanning application without writing one single line of GPU code. Previously, we had to use a 12-core Xeon machine – Jean-Pierre Gehrig, CEO Edeltech.

CUVI does all this magic with a single function call: Demosaic.

_status = cuvi::colorOperations::demosaic(input_image,output_image,CuviBayerSeq::CUVI_BAYER_RGGB_HQ);

Developers can use various helper functions from CUVI like color Twist, color space conversions and image filters to achieve the desired results. For best results and performance download latest version of CUVI.

CUVIlib - CUDA Vision & Imaging Library - is a simple to use, GPU accelerated computer vision SDK. The library is available for download for free for personal unlimited use. For more information, visit our website at