Introducing CUVI Live Demo

We heard and we responded. One dominant request we got from our users was to be able to quickly test out the library without setting it up first, since sometimes, they ran into issues due to machine incompatibility. Today, we announce the release of a live CUVI demo page where you can quickly try out most common functions of CUVI GPU Imaging SDK without downloading or installing anything.

This saves you hours you would have otherwise spent on installing and configuring CUVI to try out simple functions from our Color Operations module, for example.

The demo runs on a beefy virtual server on the Cloud with NVIDIA Grid K520 which is a pretty decent card to test performance of different CUVI functions. What you should note though, is that the performance on your own machine with a similar capability NVIDIA CUDA enabled card would be a bit more, since the demo runs on virtualized hardware, not dedicated bare metal silicon.

Test image courtesy of

We enabled most requested functionality (with some torn down parameters) for demo purposes. In the example above, you can see how easy it is to test your underwater imagery (and videos for that matter) on CUVI Undersea enhancer. The difference can be between spotting an additional humpback whale and not spotting one!

The way the demo works is that you provide a link to an image and then select the functions you would want to apply from the drop-down menu. Important thing to note here is that the functions would be applied in the sequence you select. So if you first select Debayer and then select Sharpen, then this is how the functions would be called: Input Image > Debayer > Sharpen > Result.

CUVI Live Demo

CUVIlib - CUDA Vision & Imaging Library - is a simple to use, GPU accelerated computer vision SDK. The library is available for download for free for personal unlimited use. For more information, visit our website at