CUVI Version 1.2 now available for download

CUVILib has finally came out of Beta. We have added a lot more functionality and made sure that it runs smooth on mission-critical applications. Its simple API, magnitudes better performance than competing solutions and cross-platform support provides you a complete Imaging package. Before we get into what’s new in version 1.2 here are some useful links worth checking out:

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CUVI Brings Real-time Performance to Digitizing and Restoring Old Movies

Ever wanted to add color and edit really, really old movies? Our grand parents did not have HD cameras which means today, we have hundreds of thousands of hours of video recorded a few decades ago. Movies, documentaries and family videos gathering dust in some archive or a shelf in your home. With the new recoloring and digitizing technology, it’s now possible to digitize (meaning you can open them in video editing tools on your computer) and recolor old, shaky videos. Some very interesting work is being done in Sweden by a company which provides software for this. Film studios use this software to restore old movies. It’s called AgiScan.

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Motion Detection using CUVI

CUVI library comes with a lot of image processing building blocks that can be used to build countless applications. For example the Feature Detection & Tracking module of CUVI can be used for motion detection in a live video stream, intrusion detection and tracking an object of interest throughout a video stream or series of cameras. The processing pipeline for motion detection goes as follows:

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CUVI v0.5 will have Feature Detection and OpenCV Interoperability

CUVI version 0.5 is cooked in our labs and we are doing testing and documentation at the moment. The new release will be out anytime in the coming week. We have been working for almost six months on the new framework that couldn’t get any simpler and easy to use. In this release we are also enabling our premium feature detectors that are 10 times faster than OpenCV 2.2

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How to Use OpenCV With CUVI

From day 1 we have focused on making CUVI compatible with the existing Vision and Imaging libraries and what comes to mind right away is: OpenCV. We have been asked a many times whether CUVI functions work with OpenCV. Here’s a little tutorial on how you can use OpenCV’s Image reading and writing functions with CUVI functions.

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